A reality too many would rather not know about

This blog has been blessed…ummm, yeah, that’s it, blessed ;-) to have a couple of left-wing readers almost from the day of it’s inception – people I’ve come to respect, even though I rarely find myself on the same page from which they’re reading. One of them, Joe Marshall, went missing and has now posted an answer to my worried inquiry. The answer is a little harrowing but important to read and discuss, and Joe has written it very well, and dared some self-revelation in the process. I don’t know if, again, I can agree with his conclusions. Clearly, the status quo is not the answer, and putting the government in charge of more things they do badly seems wrong. By the same token, doing less is not an option, unless the private sector or the churches step up to the plate. I surely don’t have the answer, but the discussion must take place.

Wolfgang Von Skeptic is always good to read on these sorts of issues, too. He doesn’t argue from the left or the right, but from his own lights, and I think he will understand where Joe is coming from. Let the discussion begin.

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