There is so much going on, and so little time, but I wanted to just throw a few links yer way, that have struck me as required reading: Start off with the Mad Merry Monk, who is neither mad nor merry, but angry as all get-out about the negligence which lead to the tragedy in Mosul. He’s indignant and knowledgable, and a must read.

For a very surprising, and moving, statement by the ADL’s Abe Foxman regarding Catholic/Jewish relations, check out Mystery Achievement where he has the statement in its entirety. Keep scrolling – he’s got lots of interesting stuff.

Had enough of the Say-Merry-Christmas-Dammit debate yet? I almost have – but there are two columns in particular that really speak to the situation and bear reading: First up is Celia Farber’s report on what has happened at her child’s school and Mark Steyn has the some of the best insights I’ve yet read concerning exactly where all of this is heading.

I’m happy to report that at my son’s public school concert, we all rose and pledged allegience to the flag, and the various groups sang/played secular and tradition Christmas and Hanukkah music. Splended time had by all, bless them!

Wolfgang Von Skeptic is about as angry as a man can be about the shenanigans going on re the theft of the Washington State Gubernatorial contest – truth be told, I am, too – but no one I’ve read online is approaching this matter from the angle of the Wolf. Give it a read, he’s good.

Finally – for a very creative (and way clever-er than anything you’re reading at the NY Times Curmudgeon – er, Op-Ed Page) check out Frank Martin’s own take on the trials and tribulations now being undergone by Rumsfeld.

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