Susan Sontag is dead. Ohio recount goes for Bush

Having been raised not to speak ill of the dead, and mindful of the fact that a son and a sister survive Ms. Sontag, I’ll resist comment, for now. But Michelle Malkin points out the very different obituary tones for Ms. Sontag and footballer Reggie White.

Also, I don’t know if the folks over at Democratic Underground will be able to deal with it, or what the Kerry campaign (which is still throwing mixed signals to the extremists over there) will say, but the Ohio recount is finished at a taxpayer expense of 1.5 million dollars or (as calculated by Captain Ed) a whopping $5,000 per new Kerry vote. President Bush’s win in the state is still by a six figure margin. I expect Keith Olberman will be quite nuts, tonight, but even that isn’t interesting enough to make me tune in.

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