Operation Pentagon Patriots…and more…

A few quick links, here. Captain Ed, responding to an email from a military man tired of seeing protestors at the Pentagon has arranged for an answering demo on Monday, with some help from the Protest Warriors and The Pink Flamingo Bar and Grille. Sounds groovy, and count on Ed to come up with it.

The best, most up-to-date and really impressive blog I’ve yet read regarding the Ukraine situation is Ultima Thule and with the Tsunami taking up so much news space, you might want to click to the Thule to keep abreast of things, there.

Wolfgang is having a particularly hard Christmas, emotionally, and could use a read and some encouragement from good-hearted folks (all of my readers). If ever a brother needed a cyber arm slung around the shoulder this week, that man is Wolfie. What was it scripture said?

They that hope in the Lord renew their strength, they will soar as will eagles
wings. They will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint. One
person helps another, one says to the other, “Keep on!”.
*Isaiah 40:31,41:6-7

Lastly, this is just staggering and gladdens the heart. We “stingy” Americans, completely seperate from our government, have pledged at this point 3.3 MILLION dollars in aid money for the help of those folks affected by the Earthquake, and that number will only grow. Sometimes it’s fun to hit the refresh number and simply watch it move forward.

And, umm, ahem…I hate to mention it, but really – I must – France…you know, France? The country no one ever criticises for anything? FRANCE has contributed…a whopping…$100,000. But, you know, Jacques Chirac FEELS really, really bad about it, and that’s what really matters, right?

That’s it for me. I do love the smell of hot black tea with warm milk and sugar. And, I will miss Jerry Orbach – one of my favorite actors and the quintessential “New York Jewish Guy.” God rest his soul.

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