Balls! More balls!

First President Bush wasn’t doing enough, wasn’t sympathetic enough, simply wasn’t “enough” of enough. Now, President Bush is too much. His creation of a coalition to aid Southeast Asia is now “undermining the UN,” which (get this) “is the only body that has the moral authority…” to co-ordinate this massive humanitarian effort.

Thus says the jagged little pill, herself, Clare Short another pain-in-the-posterior who really needs the placement of one swift boot in same.

Excuse me, isn’t the UN the body that took…oh, 26 billion dollars earmarked as aid for starving Iraqi women and children and…um…disappeared it?

Why, yes! Yes it is! Well THEY certainly should be entrusted with the billions which will be handed over, over time, to help these NEW starving women and children! THEY have the moral authority, you see! And look how well they did in the Congo! Look at the work of their peacekeepers…um…DON’T look at the raping, pillaging and selling of tapes, though….!

Excuse me, isn’t the UN the body that employed and directed the fat, blue-helmeted Sgt. Schultz look-a-like in Iraq, the man who did all he could to look-away-from-and-ignore the young Iraqi man who showed up at the UN Compound bearing what looked an awful lot like a blue laboratory book and begging someone to admit him and listen to him? You know…until the UN “peacekeepers” allowed Saddam’s “police force” to drag the man away?

Why, yes! Yes, it is! You…you REMEMBERED that, did you?

Oh, aye, I remembered it. That I did. I’ll never forget it.

Moral authority, my pasty-white heiney!

Excuse me, but didn’t St. Bill Clinton rush out there and say, “someone needs to lead this effort…”

Why, yes, yes, he did, and the press and the media and the Upper West Side all gushed about it…but everyone knew he meant that HE, Clinton, should lead the effort, not Bush-that-fascist-usurper!

Ah, yes. when President Bush does something good, even when it’s something that everyone would ordinarily agree is “good” it suddenly becomes “bad.”

These folks are the only people in the world who can turn any positive into a negative – and not thru any alchemy or magic…they can do it from sheer hatred.

“Balls!” Agnes calls from her grave, “Balls! Balls!”

UPDATE: Captains Quarters Blog reports that the US has allowed the UN to become part of the “core group” on this effort. Ed observes:

This appears to have been a warning shot across the bow of the UN, as the US did not add them until a videoconference between Kofi Annan and Colin Powell took place. One might imagine that Powell explained all the reasons why we no longer trust the UN with relief aid. It appears from this report that the UN has been invited to participate in the core group, not to lead it. Bush, in other words, plans to make them squirm.

As well they should. Squirm, I mean. I happened to watch news tonight in my brother’s room and couldn’t help but notice that Kofi Annan…who I do believe just today returned from a ski trip…was being portrayed as the “Man in Charge.”


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