Straight Shot of Politics talks Religion

…and has some keen insights and interesting thoughts on why Christmas, the “merry” time, and the Season of Light, didn’t seem to bring much cheer to many, and the light went rather muted. I think it’s a really well-written and big-hearted post that I will probably not actually get to write on until this evening, when I get home. But I think Joe is on to something, and I felt it too, as did many Christians I know…that even the days leading up to this Christmas felt “off” in some way. Joy was not entirely missing…but it wasn’t quite breaking through, either. I attributed it to what is going on with my brother, of course, and to the fact that this Advent, for the first time in years, I had not gotten to take my annual silent retreat. But since the feeling seems to be widespread, perhaps that wasn’t it.

Perhaps like the animals of Sri Lanka, we caught the undercurrent of something afoot, and it dulled our appreciation of the Holy Day? Perhaps the world simply intruded to forcefully? I don’t know. Maybe after a day’s thinking, I can write on it.

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