And supposedly nothing can be done…

Now that this sham of an election has been “certified,” everyone is supposed to just sit back and take it.

Let’s recap:

The Republican Candidate won in the first vote.

The Republican Candidate won the recounted vote, albeit by a margin of 42 votes. By all rights, it should have ended there.

Then the Democrats “found” more votes. Not a lot, just “enuf.”

That the number of votes exceeds the number of voters is apparently unimportant.

I’m not even going to link to MSM pieces on this story, because it’s useless…but the bloggers on the West Coast are talking about this, and the rest of us need to be. Clearly, the press has no problem with stolen elections as long as the right party gets into office.

More, bigger, blogs will hopefully be leading with this travesty, today. If we allow THIS to be the way the New Year begins, then we’re going to be in for one ugly New Year, and it will our own fault. If the folks in Washington State allow these rigged results to stand, it will be the beginning of the crumbling end of right elections and leadership in this country, and if the GOP loses its always-slippy spine and falls back in shuddering horror, refusing to fight because some bigmouth, somewhere talks tough and stupid about Bush “stealing” Florida (where he always led in the vote – no matter how many got “found”) then the GOP is going to hemorrhage membership and funding like some old brood mare. We’re going to be in enormous trouble in two years…because the press will clearly LET the dems get away with election theft…and if this is a warm up to a 2006, I’m not liking the GOP response.

Washington State Republicans and fair-minded Democrats who care about doing the right thing need to take a page from the Ukraine…BREAK OUT THE ORANGE and take to the streets on this one. I sure as hell would be part of it.

UPDATE: I see Michele Malkin is thinking UKRAINE as well. Maybe the blogosphere can get something going. I’m breaking out something orange… and Polipundit is quite sensibly feeling pretty bad about it, too. This needs action.

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