This is my son, Muhammed Upjohn-Jones.

I don’t suppose it’s really any big surprise to read that Muhammed is the new Nigel in the UK – well, perhaps not the new Nigel, but it has entered the top ten.

We’re used to this in America, of course, we are the big melting pot that has produced more than a few Angelina O’ Garrity’s, Mario Eptstein’s and Juan Napolitano’s. Still…I can’t help but wonder how the stiff-upper-lip-types in Britain are taking this news, particularly since I would bet dollars to donuts that the little Muhammeds surging on that fabled isle are not really Upjohn’s and Jones, but loathe-to-assimiliate Islamists enjoying the soft weather, the opportunity to shore up England’s sagging social-welfare base, and the daily corner-sermons encouraging…uprising…or revolt…or, something:

There are now over three hundred after-hours schools run by militant groups all over Britain in which the children are indoctrinated, Taliban style.

We will remodel this country in an Islamic image,” responds Syrian-born Sheikh Omar bin Bakri, a foremost Islamic leader in Britain, who is active in “the struggle against racism and discrimination” to which the Muslims in Britain are supposedly subjected. At the same time he belongs to The International Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders, founded by Bin Laden, and boasts:

“We collect funds to be able to carry on the struggle; we recruit militiamen; and sometimes we take care of these groups’ propaganda requirements in Europe.”

Bakri also heads the London branch of Hizb Al-Tahrir (Islamic Revolutionary Party), which has some 50 branches all over Western Europe. When the Afghan war started in October 2001, Bakri declared:

“We will replace the Bible with the Koran… Christians have to learn that they cannot do this to Islam. We will not allow our brothers to be colonialised. If they try it, Britain will turn into Bosnia.”

One of my more attentive readers reminded me today of something I wrote in October, a thought about why anti-semitism has become acceptable in England, while little-to-nothing is said against Islamofascists in the midst…or in the fog, if you prefer. Apparently all those little Muhammed’s jogged his memory.

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