Some excellent music for reflection and meditation

One of the nicest things about the internet and the various forums therein is that if you’re lucky, you end up making the cyber acquaintance of people you would otherwise never meet, thus your life becomes enriched, the tapestry becomes broader and, if you’re open to it, you become a bit more temperate and aware.

I have been so fortunate as to have made some valuable acquaintances, from all sides of the political and theological debates, and have come to count some natural adversaries as cyberpals. Because I am a very shy person, it is rare for me to develop deeper friendships with “many” people, but even that has happened thanks to the ‘net. I now count among my most beloved and personal of friends all manner of folk, from new grandmothers, to nuns and monks, to network news writers, to firefighters, to beat and feature reporters, to ranchers, racers, psychiatrists and hospital chaplains and physicians .

I am blessed! :-)

One friend is a contemplative Benedictine nun, from the beautiful monastery in Clyde, Missouri, which supports itself through its manufature of wonderful soaps, through its bookshop, and through various musical recordings. Sr. Theresa was nice enough to gift me with their latest CD called QUIET LIGHT, and it is lovely and I am rushing to recommend it.

Their site says, “This new recording includes both original melodies by our two composers and a few new arrangements of familiar hymns. The harp music played by Sr. Theresa was recorded in our Clyde chapel. The piano music played by Sr.Theresa and Sr. Ruth Elaine was recorded at the Christian Church in Maitland, MO on a Baby Grand Piano. The title track was composed and recorded by Sr. Theresa.”

I say in a world where we are rushing too much, and surrounded by chattering and blabbering and the intolerable noise of television, it is good to shut the rest down and let something quiet get inside you. I’ve found this CD to be a nice inducement for that. Good for prayer. Good for cooking. Awfully good with a glass of red wine! :-) If you’re looking for it, these gals have got the goods!

And because I do believe that everying, even the Benedictine’s music, is made better with chocolate, I have to again link you to another monastery, Our Lady of the Incredibly Good Candy, which is not their name. They are actually Trappists (not Benedictines, but following the same Rule) from Iowa, but I gotta tell you, I gave gift boxes of their chocolate covered caramels to various folk at Christmas and everyone was delirious with them. Chocolate and fine music….ahhhhh.

Sometimes, you just need it.

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