Watchers of Weasels?

I was getting worried. I looked at my site meter and saw an influx of traffic from something called Watchers of Weasels, and I thought, good heavens…is someone calling me a Weasel?

Turns out Watchers of Weasels is a nice little site, and they apparently keep their eyes out for interesting blog writing and then vote on it, or something, as near as I can tell. They have links to some really excellent writing (including something by your humble hostess) throughout the conservative end of the blogosphere. It seems they are rather like the Carnival of the Vanities (which also gave me a lot of traffic this week thanks to Vessels of Honor who did a charming job of this week’s hosting) except that they are an association, themselves and do not parcel the job out week by week.

In any event, enough talking about me, me, me – go check out both blogs; some good writers there! You might even find someone you like more than me, me, me! :-)

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