A Few Cheers for Great People!

Time constraints preclude individual posts, but I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of really excellent, rather inspiring articles featuring men and women helping out in the tsunami recovery.

First up (with a hattip to the Captain is the remarkable story of one Seaman Joviena Kay, who serves aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (you know, the big warship so many Europeans mocked George W. Bush for sending:

Standing in the hangar bay of this mammoth aircraft carrier, Seaman Joviena Kay looks across the waves toward the devastated coast of Sumatra, remembering a time 13 years ago when she huddled on the same deck with evacuees from another great Asian disaster.

Joviena was 6 years old then, a refugee from a volcano. The Filipino-American eventually joined the U.S. Navy (news – web sites), and she is serving on the ship that rescued her as its sailors help the survivors of an earthquake and tsunami.

I get chills. Read the whole thing.

Then, with another tip of the hat, this time to former & perhaps future blogger ForNow, and thus to Tim Blair (who has an excellent, comprehensive breakdown of news from Southeast Asia) check out this terrific story about an audacious Aussie:

We were on the first Australian military aircraft into Banda Aceh the next day to do a military health assessment.

There was no transport at the airport so someone managed to find us a utility and eight of us got in to drive into town.

On the way they were bulldozing dead people, about 40 or 50 bodies I guess. And there were quite a few kids in there as well…

What we are treating mostly are Third World wounds that haven’t been managed well. We saw the same thing in Bougainville, we saw the same thing in Timor. PS: I just want to tell my kids and my fiancee I love them.

Gad, but I just love the Aussies! I might go out and buy me a bottle of Aussie wine today, in honor of this good man, ADF Wing Commander Bill Griggs!

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