The Anchoress’ Bookshelf

Doubtless you’ve noticed (some of you have, anyway) that the sidebar features some books available at and listed under the deathless header: Anchoress’ Bookshelf.

I thought it would be fun (and mildly profitable) to use Amazon to feature certain books that I just really love and want others to read and love, too. I called it my “bookshelf” because I won’t feature anything that is not actually on my own bookshelf or (as in the case of Hugh Hewitt’s new book BLOG) at least en route to it. :-)

You’ll be noticing that most, but certainly not all, of my featured books will have a prayer/spirituality bent to them, but I will also feature political books, biographies, farce (egad, I must remember to include The Code of the Woosters )and the occasional fictional work.

Speaking of fiction, the one I’m featuring right now, Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver I bought on the recommendation of Glenn Reynolds. I gave it to my elder son as a Christmas gift, but he’s been too busy to read, so I picked it up. It’s wonderful. Give me an eight year old Ben Franklin, an ageless explorer, the American Revolution and alchemy, and I’m happy!

Plus, it’s the first part of a trilogy! :-)

I’m highly recommending it, in other words! But then I highly recommend all of those books. The Abbey Psalter makes a particularly nice gift; it contains all 150 psalms, calligraphy done by hand at the abbey, and it uses the old Grail translations, which I have always favored!

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