Ummm, are we SURE the big bloggers aren’t being bothered?

Maybe I’m paranoid – likely I am – but it just seems really strange that once again all of the big bloggers are down. Instapundit, Captain Ed and a few others…

My eyebrows are up is all I’m sayin’…

Update: I KNEW it! I knew it was no strange twist of fate that all of the huge bloggers, served by Hosting Matters, were inaccessible twice in one week! The Captain confirms it:

DDOS Attack On Hosting MattersFor those of you who have experienced some difficulties in accessing CQ, Power Line, Instapundit, or other blogs over the past eight hours, you were not alone. I intended to post last night on one or two more topics, but I could not access my site either. It turns out that our service provider, Hosting Matters, had to turn back two DDOS attacks overnight. These malicious attacks take some time to identify and counter, and the good folks at Hosting Matters worked as quickly and diligently as they could.

I know paranoia will destroya, but I wasn’t being paranoid. I joked the other day that it was the “revenge of Rather.” It wouldn’t surprise me at all, at this point. Almost nothing would surprise me, these days! :-)

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