Big bloggers clearly under attack; smaller blogs need to pick up the slack!

Okay, so my immediate suspicion and paranoia was well-founded. Hosting Matters confirms attacks. They’d no sooner gotten back on track then they went down again. Glenn Reynolds backup site, Instabackup also confirms. Affected are all the big guys – LGF, Powerline, Instapundit, Truth Laid Bear, Tim Blair, and even some smaller guys like Varifrank. (Maybe it would be a good thing if our big bloggers used different servers rather than all of them being on one?)

One can only assume, since these are predominantly conservative blogs (Reynolds is Libertarian, but supports the war, so you know it’s all the same to those who are incapable of making fine distinctions) that the attack is being made by those “tolerant” types on the far left…you know…the ones who only believe in free speech as long as you agree with them…the TRUE digital brownshirts who have no interest in, or respect for, the first amendment except as they may subvert it. These are not liberals. I was raised by liberals. The liberals who raised me respected free speech in every forum, and encouraged it.

This is just more of the same baby-step-goose-stepping fascism we’ve been watching proceed from the far left for a while now. Even Nick Cohen at the UK Guardian, understands (or is coming to understand) that these folks are more fascist than anything else. He calls ‘em “cowards.” You know they hate that language. Sounds too much like Dubya!

And now Captains Quarters Blog is down, too! Thankfully, the ever essential Polipundit is still up, as is Roger Simon, from whom I cribbed the attack confirms.

Most of my blogger friends are wee blogspotters, like me, so we’s all OK.

But we need to keep things going, so, check out John Leo as he charts the “blame game” of 2004. La Shawn Barber smacks Armstrong Williams good and hard.

Courtesy of The Diplomad (under “New Blog Worth Checking Out”) comes to our attention The Counterterrorism Blog. You’ll want to bookmark it, I think – I like this blurb about the Oil for Food crapola scandal. CUANAS smacks the NY Times upside the head.

Finally, I’m getting plain tired of people blaming God for the Tsunami. They don’t apparently stop to think that God is responsible for all the people over there bringing help, relief, rescue, etc, etc.

It’s late…but I’m going to write more about that issue, tomorrow. I happened to read Cindy Adams grief-stricken-yet-perverse column while I was at hospice today, and her last line was a lulu: Our Father Which Art In Heaven — You owe us an explanation.

Actually, Cindy, He doesn’t. But in grief, people say stupid things, so it can be let go. But it might be more healthy, and helpful, to consider that two girls were together – one survived. The body of the other was not swept away never to be found. Aid and relief were available. The face of God is in the rescuers.

It is terrible to read about the death of a lovely young girl. It is terrible to read about all of those deaths. It is terrible to sit beside my brother and hear his awful moans. There is not a person yet born who has escaped grief and personal tragedy. Mary, the Mother of Christ was probably the most perfect human being ever created, and she had to watch the horrific torture, suffering and death of her son. Her son, for that matter, could have snapped his fingers and said, “hey, you know, I don’t think I’m going to go through with this torture-and-death scenario…”

When suffering gets to be too much…even if you’re not a Christian…you can look at a Crucifix and understand that no one escapes the suffering. And One made a point of taking it on, for all of us. Grief, humiliation, pain, agony, fear, surrender…it’s all there.

How do any of us think we’ll get a pass? And yes, it sounds old fashioned, and down right medieval, and “too Catholic”…but in every person’s suffering and anguish…there is more at work than we can see, at first.

Someone has written to me asking if it is a co-incidence that LGF, which created the “overlay” which was so problematical for CBS, and are both down at this moment, and unable to participate in the breaking of the Rathergate Report story.

I dunno. Anything is possible.

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