A discourse on the distinction between Mercy and Spam

Sent to me by a friend, and kind of cute: Wonderful spam! Lovely spam! Eternal spam! by one Michael McGirr. If you’re looking at the clock and needing a little break, here it is.

When you think about it, spam is a bit like grace. Nobody knows where it comes from or why. But the minute you make the slightest positive response, you get a whole lot more.

The difference is that grace is helpful.

A typical morning’s spam for me will include six urgent offers of something financial and another six of something medical. The financial ones tend to assume that I’m a lot better off than I really am; the medical ones assume that I’m worse off. A few spams are both medical and financial. These are the ones that offer either investments for a better life or cheaper drugs. Then there are spam messages that are pure gobbledygook. Spam is “maps” spelled backward. Maps help you figure out where you are; spam is the opposite.

It’s sort of a different way of looking at things! :-)

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