Surplus? Yes. Surplus.

I saw this a few days ago and wish I’d taken the time to post it; I’da scooped the Blogfather! :-)

But I didn’t, so I’ll post it, now and look like the complete lemming that I am! It’s news that no one has managed to splay up in a headline, not even “conservative news sources” like Drudge: Pssssst….surplus.

What was that formula that the GOP keeps suggesting and the Democrats keep trying to undermine? Oh, yeah. Lower taxes, especially on small businesses…that creates jobs, which creates workers, which creates shoppers, builders, vacationers, which creates r e v e n u e!

It always comes back to me!

Next, watch for a story that the “looming deficit” that was supposed to break the backs of our children (just like it was supposed to destroy all our bright tomorrows under Johnson and under Reagan) has already been reduced by over one third – even in time of war.

Watch for it. Watch closely, because heaven knows, if you don’t watch closely, you’ll miss that report as well.

Btw, speaking of Professor Reynolds, he is in fine fettle this morning, having lots of fun telling people that he really doesn’t give a hoot about their sexuality, and mocking the suddenly over-scrupulous spite-mongering leftists who are now on Armstrong-Williams-Blogpurity-Jags. More and more these people remind me of Gestapo. I read about them and I get an image in my mind of that mean little Gestapo agent dressed in black and storming into Col. Klink’s office in Hogan’s Heros – scrupulous and idiotic.

Mocking is good. We should mock more, and Iowahawk does it BRILLIANTLY, tonight…I hope someday one of his tales requires a trip to see a hermit.

Take the advice of my betters: Laugh! Because otherwise, it all can get pretty tiresome.

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