Baldilocks’ imagination kicks into high gear

Or, she clearly wants to kick into something!

Seems Baldi read this article or one similar (the story she originally linked to has disappeared) and has her own ideas about how President Bush should deal with such attitude. She writes:

How amusing it would be to hear the howling from various quarters, were President Bush and Australian Prime Minister Howard to announce that we were leaving on January 17th (this Monday)!

Of course, the president won’t order that, but it’s fun to imagine the private conversation between President Bush and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yuduhoyono following this announcement.

President Bush: Hey, Sus!
President Yuduhoyono: Mr. Bush, you will leave my country…

President Bush: Sus? STFU. I talk, you listen. Just so we’re clear: my boys and girls would like nothing better to be back in our wonderful country. None of us would want to colonize your back-azwards country if you handed it to us on a silver platter and I’m bettin’ them Ozzies feel egzackly the same way. We’re there to do what you cain’t to do: help your people after a disaster. Now, unless ya’ll want us to bail tomorrow, put a muzzle them boys of yurn…

Baldi clearly loves Bush’s Texas twang!

Read it all, there is loads more, including updates.

Ahem: Indonesia has, err…decided that…you know…if America and Australia want to help ‘em out…er…why…that’s just fine, after all!

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