Liveblogging the inaugural

I won’t be doing it but there are a few sites that will (either due to the hosts or the posters) provide live blogging with priceless commentary.

Check out Dirty Harry; he is always good at live-blogging.

Also, Lucianne and her crew will have an open thread during the event and the ldotters posts are always worth looking at.

And of course, The Corner will carry the usual sparkling repartee by its contributors. I expect Jim Geraghty will also, at TKS where he is currently ruminating on security matters at the big bash.

La Shawn is liveblogging it too, and she’s really enjoying it. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she got me to peek in for a second. Laura looks lovely in winter white. God surround them all with angels.

LaShawn also linked to this very funny cartoon by Frank J. Good stuff. Yee-hah.

Lorie at Polipundit is really trying to give the networks a chance to show they can be a little generous to the president today, but they seem to be failing, and she’s moved back to FOX news. A pal at CBS says Dan is bending over backwards to be nice to W, today. I guess it’s the least he could do! :-)

Wake me when it’s over. Thanks to Judge Gladys Kessler, I’m nervous about the whole damn thing, and just want to get past it.

Peeked in at the end. Loved, loved, loved the speech, written by the brilliant Michael Gerson. And Loved, loved, loved the benediction by Pastor Kirbyjon, who called upon the Almighty like Knute Rockne calling upon his star QB to go out there and win the game! :-)

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