Look at how easy this is. Mindless hatred, I mean.

It’s not journalism, so don’t for a moment mistake it as such. This spiteful foolishness comes from the tortured mind of one Susan Lenfestey of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. (Hattip: Polipundit, via Powerlineblog.)

Obviously Ms. Lenfrestey was inspired by ABC New’s chumming of the waters as Dirty Harry rightly nails it.

Do you know, I think think the thing that disgusts me about this sort of writing – and this mindset – more than anything else is the laziness involved in it. It is easy to be cynical. It is much easier to snarl and criticize than to respectfully inquire or listen. Look at how easy it is to do what this so-called “writer” has done. I can do it on my head.

While Al Qaeda operatives meet in a cave planning the lastest of their attacks on an American interest – this time an attack on a US Naval Vessel – Bill Clinton diddles an intern with a cigar.

While the UN works secretly to funnel money meant for the women and children affected by sanctions against Iraq into their own pockets, Hillary Clinton takes her daughter on a whirlwind international goodwill tour at taxpayers expense. They wear sunglasses and saris.

As France and Germany, Russia and China take steps to undermine and increasingly weaken the sanctions against Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Ted Kennedy romps on his waterfront property with his dog, named Splash, and still doesn’t get the irony.

As Kim Jong Il starves his people and works feverishly to bring plan for nuclear weapons to speed, Madeline Albright holds her breath and squeezes herself into an inappropriate miniskirt. Soon she will be dancing with Kim to promote friendship and frameworks…

I could go on, by why bother. This woman is willfully clueless and plugged into her hate-mode. She can’t help herself, and she’s not interested in whys and wherefores. The overeducated, “sophisticated” friends and co-workers in her insulated little cocoon do not see the ignorance inherent in a “thems bad, we’s good” mentality, and sadly “Republicans bad, Democrats good” is all the critical thinking they’ve eeked out in years. It’s a muddled sort of thinking, but its all they have.

The press and the democrats are wrapping themselves up into a double-suicide pact, and it is all-too-painful to watch. Incurious about anything that does not advance their agendas, they promote illusions, set up memes and do all they possibly can to protect their quarterbacks. They do the America-bad-anyone-else-good thing 24/7 and frankly give aid and comfort to our enemies. They offer nothing – NOTHING – by way of policy ideas which might provide viable alternatives to what is now in place…and the saddest part about it all – the saddest, meanest, most pathetic part of it all, the dirty little secret behind all of this ranting and hating and undermining must be told: they do all of this because the President of the United States has an R after his name, instead of a D.

The fact is, if the President of the United States had a D after his name, instead of an R, the liberation of millions of people over the past three years would be hailed – quite rightly – as the victory of a visionary. The re-emergence of a robust American economy on the heels of a recession, an attack on our shores and our economy and two wars would be touted as an astounding acheivement. The second inaugural party of such a president, with a D after his name, would be hyped as a “well-deserved celebration for the whole nation.”

But the press – no longer run by men who understood how to show a grudging respect to someone who has beat them at their own game – cannot restrain itself from its barking hate. They and their cohorts in the Democrat party reveal themselves, increasingly, to have hearts that are shrivelled and mean-of-spirit. They’ve shown that they utterly lack both humor and good will, and seem to be and willing to walk with any demon if it promises to allow them to spew more vomit toward the Republican President and his Red State Minions.

And yet, somehow, they do believe they can be elected again in just two more years…if they stay the course.

How sad, how immature, how picayune, how self-absorbed, how destructive, how spiteful, how unbalanced, how neurotic, how unthinking, how uncurious, how narrow, how bigoted is all of this?

Just sad, that’s all. Just really, really sad.

UPDATE: CUANAS has more thoughts on the issue and offers a well-written plea to the Democrats to pull themselves together and get serious. I concur.

There is a big decision coming up. Iran is building nuclear weapons. We can not allow that to happen. Bush has said all options are on the table. Bush is building bunker-busting nuclear weapons. Many have speculated that he is building them to use on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

We need to discuss this before we make such a monumental decision. If all you bring to the table is, “Bush is evil. Bush is Hitler,” then you, in effect, remove yourself from the conversation. You have to have alternative ideas. And, if the alternative idea is, “Let the UN handle it,” well, that isn’t going to fly either. The UN has proven itself unable to handle anthing, except, of course, 13 year old Congolese girls.

I, for one, do not think using bunker-busting nuclear weapons on Iran’s nuclear facilities is a good idea. We have had the good fortune to have been able to shut Pandora’s box, and sit on the lid, ever since Nagasaki. We need to keep it that way.

Now, take your thorazine, sit down at the table and help us out.

UPDATE II: You want to really get mad at the press? Take a look at the breakdown of real numbers, supplied by the invaluable Chrenkoff. The press – incurious as ever, and completely beholden to its agenda – resolutely refuses to cover any good news in Iraq. Some numbers.

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