My favorite line…

Loved the inaugural speech. Loved it! And thought the president spoke it well. Loved the lines about no one being fit to be master, or deserving to be slave…

but my favorite line was this one:

By our efforts we have lit a fire as well, a fire in the minds of men. It warms those who feel its power; it burns those who fight its progress. And one day this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest corners of our world.

Three sentences that define the Bush presidency and those it frustrates. Gerson is a genius.

Fraters says the problem that the left has with W is all about the F word – his analysis is excellent (hattip to the captain) but I suggest that while the F****** word does ignite President Bush and irritate his haters, there is a second F-word, the common F*** one, that also animates the left. We heard them chanting it today during the President’s speech…it is a word that fascinates them the way excrement fascinates an infant. I remember listening to the Woodstock album and hearing the whole stupid “Give me an F! Give me a U…” and all those ridiculous boomers spelling out their silly word in self-congratulatory glory. Ohhhhhh, look at us, we can say this word! We can spell it! We’re soooooooooo cool and cutting edge.

They bored me all the way back then, when I was a ten year old. They bore me, still. And they still think they’re soooooooooo cool and cutting edge.

Meanwhile, Joe at the Moderate Voice has a roundup of conservative blogger commentary on the speech.

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