Dick and Jane in Yiddish. Jaws with Bunnies.

The wonderful blog Hootsbuddys Place has made hot tea squirt out my nose…and this is not something that normally occurs when visiting Hoots (where you should go and visit because it’s a good site), but I hit the Yiddish With Dick and Jane link and Oy, Gevalt, did I laugh? You should laugh so much! That’s why I am being a mensch and sharing it with you, bubele, you’ll plotz!

So, nu? And then, when you’re done wiping the tea off your screen, schlep over to this other link and indulge yourself with an almost perfect Jaws in 30 Seconds, with Bunnies which, for my money, should have included the captain of the Orca singing, “Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies…”

But we can’t have everything.

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