Evan Coyne Maloney breaks out

I’ve been following the career of Evan Coyne Maloney for a couple of years, now, ever since he left school and began to put his “liberal-on-the-street” interviews on the web. Aside from having one of the great docu-journal-guy names of all time, Maloney has a deft touch and a fresh voice, and it’s been a pleasure to watch him grow from his video-shorts, into a respectable documentary filmmaker with Brainwashing 101.

Today the NY Sun has a nice profile on him, calling him The Conservative Answer to Michael Moore.” Take a second to read it and get to know this up-and-coming voice from the right.

And forgive me but I must say this, even if it is wrong to do so: Along with being a conservative answer to Michael Moore, the young man is a pleasure to look at, as well. :-) Kellipundit has more.

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