First she makes you laugh, then she makes you cry…

This young woman, Tracey is one of those writers who has the whole package: a deft, light touch with the humor, and a nimble ability to lead you into the darker side without abandoning you.

An excerpt from the first link:

We all know Costco, right? Basically a hangar-sized building filled to the brim with enough bulk items to satisfy any shopper’s greedy, grabby consumer lust. In other words, a place that fills me weepy, sloppy love. And I STILL love Costco even though I worked there in high school, which should have had a lifelong repellent effect. Not for me. When I’m at Costco, I know Jesus loves me.

And from the second:

Egypt Air 990 left New York for Cairo that night. My aunt and uncle were just an elderly couple who were part of a tour group to Egypt. Travel was a passion for them and they were busily devoting their golden years to seeing the world. So it was out of character when, before boarding the plane, my uncle told my cousin that he had a “bad feeling” about this flight.

Less than an hour into the flight, the pilot left for the restroom, leaving the co-pilot at the controls. The co-pilot, a Muslim named Gameel al-Batouti, said calmly — and repeatedly — “I rely on Allah,” as he sent the plane into a nosedive. The descent was so steep that 30 seconds into the dive, the atmosphere inside the plane plummeted to zero g’s — weightlessness. The pilot returned, yelling and battling for control of the plane. He met with some success and the plane climbed steeply, but briefly. Ultimately, though, the damage was just too great. The plane fell again — so fast, apparently, it hit the speed of sound, causing it to break apart as it fell. My aunt and uncle and 215 other people were killed in this act of suicide terror. Perhaps you remember hearing the story now.

The kid is all right. And all-writer.

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