An especial request for prayers

Lorie at Byrd Droppings is asking prayers for Daniel Gade, an injured US Soldier, and for his family. I know that it might seem odd, to some, to ask for specific prayers for a specific soldier, when there are so many injured, in harms way or sadly KIA, and we pray daily for them and their families…but I figure…if you have a NAME, then while you’re remembering our troops in your prayers, it couldn’t hurt to whisper up those names you know.

I can personally attest to how remarkably helpful and powerful it is to have the prayers of people you don’t even know lifting you up. Particularly in the weeks preceding my dear brother’s death, I came to understand what President Bush means when he says he can “feel” people praying for him. It is remarkable and humbling. And my gratitude is boundless.

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