“CrushKerry” becomes “Ankle Biting Pundits”

I have to admit that as good as the content of CrushKerry could be (and it could often be very good, indeed) I was just too dyslexic to be able to spend much time at the site. (There are many good blogs that I must forego visiting because there is just so much content, all over the place, that my brain can’t take it in and nothing gets retained…my loss…)

Post-election, they’ve changed the name to Ankle Biting Pundits and I just had a pretty enjoyable visit there, reading a bit of hate-mail they received from Hollywood, and then following their link to Lorie’s take on Chris Matthews’ coded meme.

It seems more readable to me than before – I can focus on the main content – so I hope to become a regular reader!

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