Well…I really hope this is not true

But it certainly bears looking in to. I mean this internal Democrat memo, posted by Radioblogger, which I believe might be the same memo Sean Hannity tried to bring into the mainstream a couple years ago. As I recall, the reaction from the left was, “who cares what it says, the content is not important, what’s important is how did you get that memo?”

Precisely the same sentiment would have been expressed by the Democrats and the MSM had a GOP memo discussing race matters and judicial appointments been discovered, I am sure. Hattip:
Bogus Gold.

Anyway…I’m rather hoping the memo is fake. I would hate to think that any political party in this day and age is going after people because of the color of their skin, or their cultural background.

Drew over at Darn Floor has more on this whole issue of obstruction, particularly as it pertains to Estrada…whoops, I mean Gonzales. Gad, how mortifyin’!

UPDATE: Betsy Newmark shows us the disheartening and maddening contrast between how things are handled when a Democrat sees and distributes GOP information, and when a GOP’er does the same to the Democrats. As I said, Disheartening.

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