2005: Are you now or have you ever been a religious person?:

It can’t be said enough that everyone who likes to read blogs should bookmark Drew’s establishemt at Darn Floor. He tends to focus on the stories that other bloggers aren’t picking up on, and – as I have said before – the boy can write! He puts it out there with rare lucidity and appropriate rage, when warranted.

He links to this eye-opening and exceedingly troubling story from Opinion Journal.com, wherein we read of a man’s career being utterly destroyed because he, as editor of a Smithsonian scientific publication, dared to publish a scientific, peer-reviewed study on Intelligent Design.

It is a distressing read, but Drew’s comments are level-headed and helpful.

But apparently, if you dare to take an academic, scientific glance away from Darwinism, you will immediately be accused of being a “religious person with an agenda”…or worse…”a right wing nut.”

Ah…the open-minded, inclusive sophistication of the left. Read it all. And weep.

UPDATE: Evangelical Outpost has a thumping good report on the whole troubling situation.

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