Democrats on the wrong side of the Social Sec. Issue

It’s not really surprising. I recall Al Gore talking about his “lock box” and I’ve heard plenty of Democrats suggest that the situation with Social Security was so delicate that touching it in any way, shape or form would result in “crisis,” and I’ve thought, anything that delicate needs shoring up.

Increasingly, the American public is signalling it wants to enact reforms and move away from the status quo, which is too-often stagnant. They’re saying it on the Social Security issue today. They say it needs shoring up.

A majority of Americans agree that younger workers should be allowed to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in individual accounts, according to a new poll conducted by Zogby International for the Cato Institute.

Despite a drumbeat of criticism for weeks by congressional Democrats and a concerted public relations campaign by powerful interest groups such as the AARP against Social Security choice, 51 percent of those polled by Zogby support the introduction of individual accounts. Only 39 percent opposed individual accounts being part of any Social Security reform…

While few voters (14 percent) agreed with President Bush that Social Security was in “crisis,” an overwhelming majority (61 percent) said that the New Deal-era system was facing “serious problems” that required “major changes.” Few voters (5 percent) accepted the argument that Social Security is fine or could be fixed with only “minor, incremental changes” (19 percent).

If the Democrats want to start winning elections they’re going to have to actually start LISTENING to what the public (you know – the folks they are supposed to REPRESENT) is actually SAYING, and stop acting like hysterical reactionaries every time reform comes up.

Shaddup for once and LISTEN, Dems…you know…like you’re always telling George W. Bush to do.

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