I must STOP blogging and get to work. Right after THIS!

I was going to shut down and walk away from this confounded machine which so gobbles up my time – I find that I have been writing almost incessantly – on and off the blog – since my brother’s death, and I do realize that I’m either writing through the grief or writing to avoid feeling it (it is two weeks ago, today, that we lost him and frankly, the pain is exquisite and raw) and I suspect that either way, I’m overdoing.

“Out of balance,” as my Benedictine brothers and sisters would say…so I need to break.

But…before I do, I absolutely have to share this really splendid and touching story related by a teacher, writing from a blog called Tequila Mockingbird.

An excerpt:

time and again he had battled me. pushing back against my questions. telling me he couldn’t do what i asked.

“all i want is to be able to pass my test!” he would say, throwing up his hands in frustration. “you want me to be a great writer!”

i asked him to write an essay to tell his son, who had been born in the united states, what his native country was like. he didn’t show up for two weeks after that. on the third week, he gave me his paper without comment. the words painted such a vivid picture for me that it was breathtaking. not only because of the writing itself, but also because i knew how hard he had worked.

after we found out he had passed the test, i told him i wanted to have a farewell dinner in his honor. i let him choose what we would have, and so we all sat in our classroom, laughing and congratulating him over cartons of general tso’s chicken and shrimp fried rice. as the students filed out, he stayed behind until it was just the two of us.

I won’t give it away here. Read the whole thing. You’ll like!

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