Okay, CBS, then why the NEED for such haste?

Spotted this article which examines how desperately some seem to be trying to make an excuse for Rathergate.

The excuse? It was just undue haste, that’s all!

The panel probes little in the realm of the memos’ provenance. It cites haste and “deficient reporting,” but stops short of probing the reasons for the deficiency.

It doesn’t discuss the reasons for the undue haste either. Don’t you think any report that cites “haste” as an excuse is then bound to delve further into things and find the “root causes” of that haste? I do. Otherwise, the same mistakes could be make again. We have to discover WHY everyone was so hasty, and how it happened that the Rather report jived amazingly well with Kerry’s “fortunate son” campaign commercials and videos…perhaps the haste was because the Kerry campaign WANTED the haste?

No one wants to look too closely into that question -they don’t want the Kerry/CBS connection made. To my way of thinking, it’s the next logical question.

I mean, think about it…all of this happened right after Joe Lockhart joined the Kerry Campaign, and we know Mapes and Lockhart were communicating. This is just conjecture, of course, but perhaps the reason for the haste was that Lockhart wanted it. His star is not shining brightly right now…imagine the feather it would have put in his cap if he’d just happened to be in charge during the whole “fortunate son” campaign and it serendipitously jived with the CBS story! With a major network helping the issue along, hammering President Bush’s TANG record night after night (while – it must be said – not mentioning any of the questions about Kerry’s own service records) these documents – and the “fortunate son” campaign together might have deeply hurt the Bush campaign, derailing it – possibly – for good, just from the sheer noise of it all.

Had those documents not been questioned and exposed by the blogs, Lockhart would be a staggering hero, today. Instead, my last memory of him is watching him sweat as he was asked about the papers, and then he swiftly disappeared from view.

It’s a thought. One thing I have never gotten clear from the Memo report: Did the investigators talk to – really investigate – the Kerry campaign and any possible connections it could have had to the “hasty” exposition of those faked documents?

I put this story and my own thoughts to a pal in the news bidness, and asked him what he thought. He said in frustration: someone, somewhere, has GOT to get to the bottom of all this. We need a crackerjack investigative reporter to dig in and dig deep.

Clearly, there is more work that needs to be done…but somehow, particularly given the news that 3 resignees have still not resigned and the rumors of wrongful dismissal suits and a deep reluctance, on the part of CBS, to have its methods or motives explored in a public court…it seems unlikely to me that there will be any more investigations, or any bright lights shone into this whole tawdry issue.

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