So, “stupid bloggers’ leaked exit polls that are “reliable?”

This is a must read! Mystery Pollster puts the old Docudrama “The War Room” (about the Clinton ’92 campaign) into the DVD player and looky what he finds!

The cameras caught Carville charging into George’s office with the very first leaked exit poll results. Carvile says:

“Popkin talked to Warren Whatever, the head of the VRS, and he’s going to talk to him again in four minutes, but his initial impression is landslide, could be up to 12 [points], maybe 400 electoral votes.”

Translation: Samuel L. Popkin, a University of California San Diego State University political science professor who had been advising the Clinton campaign in 1992 had talked to Warren Mitofsky, the head of Voter News Services (VNS, the forerunner of NEP) about the “first call” numbers. You can draw your own conclusions about whether the “initial impressions” belonged to Popkin or Mitofsky. The final result was a bit different. Clinton won the national popular vote by a 6.4% margin, not 12% and won 370 Electoral College votes, not 400.

So, assuming we believe James, the leak came not from some irresponsible blogger but from Mitofsky to Popkin to Carville. Gotta love cinema verite.

Innit nice, the way they all work together for the good of the nation? Read it all, please. Send it around.

Hattip to Polipundit.

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