The Interview is just execrable

Poor Hindrocket went in good faith to be interviewed by Al Franken on Air America. He was specifically supposed to come on after Franken interviewed Nick Coleman, as a sort of rebuttal. Coleman got to say his piece about Powerline, sneering away, but Hindrocket never got to rebut.

Unsurprisingly, Franken only wanted to talk about himself. Droning on and leading his guest into an interview where he couldn’t possibly come off well.

At one point, Franken starts carrying on about how Michelle Malkin “said John Kerry shot himself” and Hindrocket had to defend Malkin and correct the fool, who continued putting out the misinformation. Clearly, Hindrocket was set up. He was invited to respond to Coleman, and then never given a chance to do so, and Franken was all over the map with one stupid, and mostly inaccurate thing after another.

Of course, Franken, the overrated putz, came off badly too, (he actually WHINES that his jokes are funny…) but that’s not how you treat a guest.

Right Thoughts supplies audio if you can stand to listen to it. Blame Franken – he is clearly biding time until he can get off the air.

Hattip to La Shawn.

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  • Ashley

    Wow, what a breath of fresh air. Looking very forward to coming discussions! Thank you for taking the time to do this. It’s important.

  • don’t know mo

    Thanks so much for supplying the mp3 links!

  • don’t know mo

    Thank you so much for these podcasts. I especially enjoyed the segment on “believing/hoping” vs. “knowing”. I wonder if growing up both in the church and in the Mormon corridor particularly socializes women to be pleasers and thus to “say” the right thing. In other words, there’s a lot of pressure to say “I know the church is true” and now that I have discovered some of the less than flattering parts of church history, what I thought I had a testimony of has taken a big hit. So while I am in this “I don’t know anything ” phase of my life, I hope there is a place for me at the table.
    So looking forward to future podcasts!

  • martin

    I am so not your target audience, yet I enjoyed your roundtable immensely. You manage to touch on personal frustrations in such an uplifting manner it’s truly inspiring. I was very touched. I’m subscribing.

  • Brett Williams

    Will you be putting this up on iTunes? Please post a link when you do.

  • Johnna Benson Cornett

    I pulled the direct links to this podcast so I could download it to my mp3 player. I posted the direct links on my uninteresting blog, in case anyone else wants to download the audio files and doesn’t want to chase them down like I did.…

  • Brian K.

    I just finished all three parts of the episode, and I am very impressed. I think you have a really good group that paints the beauty of diversity in the church better than I have ever seen. One suggestion would be, at least in the beginning of each episode, to introduce the panel so we can know who is saying what. There were a few things that were said that I really liked, and I personally like to put faces, or at least personalities, to the comments.

  • johndehlin


  • Breena Welker Jenson

    Very excited about this series, but have to agree that the conversation bouncing around without any identification of the speaker is really distracting.

  • KLS

    Thanks for your feedback, everyone. Several listeners have commented on the disorientation of who’s saying what. This disorientation is actually by design. Rather than delineating individual perspectives, the purpose of our podcast is to blur those lines and require listeners to absorb the discussion as a whole. The approach has definite disadvantages, but we think the potential benefits are worth pursuing. We’ll keep experimenting with different approaches and figure out what works best.