A photoblogging monk worth visiting

A friend passed on this link to a photoblog run by a monk , Fr. James Stephen Behrens, out of Conyers, Georgia.

The monk is a friend of my friend; I have read a few of his books and sermons and have usually come away with something tasty to chew on, whether I completely agree with him or not. I can tell by his profile that I could never listen to music with him, though! :-)

Anyway, his site has some lovely shots of the recent Georgia ice storm (I especially like the shot of the ceiling of the bonzai room, hung with hundreds of icicles) and the pictures get better as you scroll down.

I like this shot and comment too. Amazing, how living things survive and grow to what they are destined to be.

Indeed. I am thinking of the long strange trip that has been my life, remembering when I declared to Sr. Mary Alice Ann, at age 6, that I was going to be a writer, and that I wanted to be left back in the second grade, so I could keep having First Holy Communions. Amazing that with all the twists and turns, and skids along the dark, icy sides…somehow I have become a writer who keeps having First Communions of a sort…

UPDATE: Yes, this is the monastery highlighted in this travel piece I featured last month.

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