Dirty Harry gets the big quotes on GI JOE’s capture

When you are Dirty Harry, all the best people give you the quotes:

UPDATE: Barbara Boxer, “Obviously we have no assurance this doll will be treated fairly due to the Bush administrations refusal to accord small plastic fake people protection under The Geneva Accords.”

UPDATE: John Kerry, “Hey! That’s him. The guy I was in Cambodia with!”

UPDATE: Harry Reid, “What’s the big deal? The doll’s black.”

UPDATE: Ted Kennedy, “We must schedule the immediate removal of all play things from Iraq immediately.”

UPDATE: Howard Dean, “As if we needed more proof the Bush Administration isn’t interested in helping the little people.”

UPDATE: Dan Rather, “If that’s really a doll, I want to be the one who breaks the story.”

UPDATE: New York Times plans front page splash, “Bush Administration Efforts To Free Mr. Joe Quagmired.”

UPDATE: Chris Matthews, “This goes straight to the Vice President’s office. How can the neo-cons tell us we have enough troops when we’re sending dolls to do the fighting?

UPDATE: Jesse Jackson, “If the doll was white, he’d be rescued tonight!”

He has more, and so do his commenters. Enjoy.

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