If you can never get enough Lizzy and Darcy…

Then this new annotated edition of Pride and Prejudice might be right up your alley. It looks to be right up mine, anyway, and I am hoping my dear hubby reads this and kind of thinks about Valentine’s Day being just a few short weeks away! :-)

I’ve put this at the top of my bookshelf over there (below my blogroll) because, while I don’t ordinarily say “buy this book through me,” I have decided that any money coming from Amazon will be donated to the hospice which took such splendid care of my brother, which is sort of a nice, ongoing way to thank them, and so I don’t mind playing up the “buy through this site” angle. So, you know…if you’re looking for a book, a CD, DVD or (as someone recently did) a cable modem, consider entering Amazon through here, and know that proceeds from your purchase will be going to a very worthy cause. :-)

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