Megan could use all the spare prayers you’ve got

It just kills you when you see a kid who is dealing with serious illness, doesn’t it?

Captain Ed and Lorie Byrd, taking a cue from Hugh Hewitt on his broadcast, are bringing this adorable little moppett to our attention and asking for your prayers.

I’m asking, too. Megan is suffering from an auto immune disorder called Microscopic Polyangiitis (MPA). It’s a parent’s nightmare, isn’t it? Go visit her site to learn more and wonder at her lovely, cheerful drawings. And then remember Megan and your family in her prayers.

I can only say again, from experience, that the prayers of so many of you, over the past few months as we dealt with my brother’s final illness and death helped so very much. They gave us strength, they often moved us to humble tears…I am convinced S lived all the longer because so many of you were so unstinting in your generosity of spirit.

Prayer has power. It is the only thing that holds when everything else falls apart. But you all know that! :-)

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