Oh no!! What if Bush was right all along???

From Mark Brown at the Chicago Sun Times is wondering if he can stand it if President Bush has turned out to be – gasp – right!

Jon Stewart is also worried.

I give them both props for being honest.

UPDATE: Matteo over at Cartago Delenda links to yet another leftist who has some astonishing humility and admirable honesty about himself and his means and motives. I give him high praise for writing – quite movingly – what had to be very, very difficult. The face of a liberal who has enough classical liberalism alive in him to really seek out and listen to others. Applause for Jeff Simmermon. Read the whole thing. Made me weep with gladness and gratitude.

Matt also links to some surprising and encouraging letters to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, while Ace of Spades finds satire in a “real quagmire.”

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