Ohhh, look how DARING we are! Don’t we SHOCK you?

Aren’t we edgy little artists just too precious for words?


These filmmakers are clearly trying to make names for themselves by “shocking” audiences.

What I find shocking are the parents of these child actors who apparently have no problem with participating in this if it means their kids get to be in movies.


When my elder son was 3 years old, we were approached by an agent about the possibility of his doing commercials. “You could earn all his college money,” he said. Right. Actually the 3 year old child would be earning his college money, and we’d be subjecting him to things we’d rather not. Whenever I see a commercial with babies crying, I always worry…what did they do to make that baby cry? Scare it? Pinch it? Loud noises?

No, thanks.

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