Stones Cry Out is growing into a powerhouse

This is going to be great! Rick over at Stones Cry Out has a new home and a new format. Mark at Sidesspot explains:

What I am more pleased to announce, though, is that starting today, I will be posting at the new Stones Cry Out. Stones Cry Out is a collaborative blog among five posters: Rick Brady, James Jewell of The Rooftop Blog, Matt of Matt Crash, Drew of Darn Floor, and me. I am joining Stones Cry Out for at least two reasons. First, to keep up a blog, it is a good idea to post daily, or more frequently. I just do not have the time to post daily. As I will be joining five other posters, there will almost always be fresh content at the site for readers. Second, there are now over 6 million blogs (most of which are no more than online diaries, but there are still a vast number providing social/political/religious commentary). That’s too many for readers to follow. Joining these other four blogs will help cut down on the number of sites. It won’t fix the problem, but it’s a start.

I think this is going to be the new wave of blogging, and for just the reason Mark cites…so many blogs to read, so little time – creating these collaborative blogs is efficient and makes a great deal of sense.

Anchoresses, of course, are always alone, so I won’t be doing anything similar, but this is going to be great for these fellows, and for all of us who read them. I’m excited, and yes, I have already changed the blogroll link to the new site address!

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