Tell it, Giuli, baby, TELL IT!

The elections in Iraq are an act of global sedition, the imposition of liberty as a model, a revolutionary act of the imperial sort, a ring in the chain of political necessity, not a new version of rainbow idealism, of the religion of good, humanitarian religion.. Their nobility, which is real, is tempered by steel and does not permit hypocrisy .

Over at NRO’s The Corner, Michael Ledeen quotes Giuliano Ferrara, who is one of those writers I always forget about until I read him…then I go…”wow.”

Ferrara is in good form here.

Too easy, and stupid, is the position of those who were opposed to the war and now praise the elections, without reconsidering their previous position, because the elections are a direct product of the war, they would be inconceivable without the Anglo-American troops, without the overthrow of Saddam Hussein by bombs, without all the dirty work of the Coalition Provision Authority, without the checkmate of the U.N., and the acceptance of the fracture within the West.

Sigh. Good stuff. You’ll want to read the whole thing.

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