Euro leaders “warming to Bush”

Well, that’s good news, I guess. I mean, heaven knows, you’re nobody if Chirac and Schroeder don’t like you.

Or, maybe success has a thousand fathers, and Europe has suddenly figured out that supporting democracy is better than NOT supporting democracy, especially when in not supporting democracy you seem to be tacitly supporting tyranny.

In my wanderings thru the blogosphere today, I read one rant, I can’t remember where, where the writer was decrying the fact that Bush had hurt “World Co-Operation.”

It’s late and I’m tired so just let me say this: BULL.

I might be more willing to entertain the notion that somehow President Bush hurt “world co-operation” if I had no memory. But I remember very clearly how, after his first election, Bush planned a trip to Europe, and before he ever got on Air Force One, the European press was lambasting him, calling him a Cartoon Cowboy, and an idiot, a moron, a puppet, a posturing, swaggering ignoramus who didn’t know how to use a salad fork. The greeted him with sneers and reacted to every word he uttered like…well…REACTIONARIES. There was no “world co-operation” for Bush to damage because Europe made up its mind before they ever met him, that they would have no truck with Cowboy Bush, and I remember those meetings clearly. Europe was disrespectful from the start and offered no co-operation – they simply wanted him to fall in line, and if he would not, they’d blame him for “wounding world co-operation.”

Bull. Crapola.

UPDATE: Europe Keen to Leave Tensions in the Past. Uh-huh. The habit of the left is to say, “look, let’s just put the past behind us” with no apologies or admissions of putz-like behavior. And that “overture” is always reported as something magnanimous. Excuse me, but I think I’ll hang on to my skeptical raised eyebrow for a while.

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