Dirty Harry is watching CNN and compliments them

Below, I linked to Dirty Harry and his tracking down of the presses 1998 reaction to Clinton’s words re Social Security (all positive) and their reaction to Bush’s words (all negative).

Harry is on the job watching a live broadcast of President Bush talking up the plan in Nebraska and says only CNN is covering it, and more:

BTW: Kudos to CNN. They were the only network covering it and have done a very fair job, thus far, presenting both sides. A Candy Crowly report on a black widow who received only $250 from SS after her husband died at 55, and after contributing to SS for 30 years, was superb journalism.

UPDATE: CNN just played a Clinton SOTU speech calling for private SS accounts where the Democrats applauded and compared it to the booing and hissing last night. And now they’re replaying the story of the African American widow who lost her house by the way.

Good for CNN. I’ve read a couple of writers today, like Howard Fineman, who agree that something needs to be done re SS. There really is no harm in ADMITTING that, is there, Dems?

Also, I can’t give a hattip, because I can’t remember where I found this, but it’s Jeff Overstreet giving really the best, most open-minded review of the Oscar nominated films – no partisan ranting, just thoughtful commentary. I have no interest in the Oscars, and probably won’t see any of these films until I can get them from Netflix, but still, I thought it was well done, and that some folks might appreciate reading it.

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