Quick thoughts on Boy Reagan, Matthews and Condi

It’s been one of those weekends, and it looks like I’ll get very little news reading or blogging done until Monday – my loss – but in the short time I have had to peek at a few blogs, I see that Boy Reagan and Chris Matthews have had people buzzing in disgust with their conspiratorial carrying on about “the hug.”

Michelle Malkin notes that Diane Sawyer did the reasonable thing and actually asked Mrs. Norwood, the mother of the slain marine, about the hug. (Hattip: Dirty Harry.)

SAWYER: … did you know you were going to lean over [and hug her]?

MRS. NORWOOD: No. We had no idea who was going to be there (read the rest).

I don’t have a transcript, but the day after the SOTU Linda Vestor asked Safia about “the hug” too, and she said something like (paraphrasing) “it just happened. I wanted to express to her how much we appreciate all that has been done for her, and that I understand her loss…”

There is more, all over the blogosphere about it. My own take began essentially as a comment over at Harry’s place:

Boy Reagan (so Christianed by my 15 year old son) is a weakling with all the reasoning skills of a mid-thread DU’er. (Mid-thread DU’ers essentially post things like: Yeah! Chimpy sucks!) He is a man of scant imagination, average intellect, and innate spite and envy whose varied career choices had, until recently, culminated in bringing him a top announcer spot at televised Dog Shows, a job he admittedly did rather well.

Upon the death of his father, the msm discovered that Boy Reagan was willing to engage in the (limited) trashing of his own father and the (unlimited) sneering, small-minded, exotically paranoid, and spiritless trashing of the current President of the United States, assigning the basest of motives to literally anything that President says or does. The msm media has decided that a man with a Sterling Republican Surname and that particular attitude requires neither wit, nor talent nor photogenic gifts in order to be employed for what they call political commentary. When I see him – I cannot tell you why – I think: pooper scooper. Perhaps it’s a leftover image from the Dog Shows.

And Matthews is a spittle-expectorating, emotional basket case who is a sucker for political theater and a good speech. If you watch him for a while, you notice that whenever he finds himself moved by anything that Bush says or does, whenever you see the chin trembling because he’s genuinely moved by a Bushian moment, he will glom onto the first stupid, cynical or conspiratorial thing a Dem panel-member says, as though it’s a life-saver, either because he feels himself sinking into dreaded admiration for Bush and fears he might say something positive or (and this is what I suspect is true, and therefore sad) he simply enjoys Cynicismland and feels more at home there.

I have often thought back to Matthew’s reaction to the moment after 9/11, when President Bush, standing upon a pile of rubble, arm around an old firefighter, spoke through a bullhorn and lifted the nation from its knees. Matthews all but wept at that moment and re-played the tape constantly, understanding that we’d witnessed something extraordinary. I’ve wondered if, discussing it later on his panel, had a projecting simpleton like Boy Reagan suggested that the whole thing was a set up – “the old guy was a plant, there were GOP operatives in the crowd of construction workers, chanting ‘we can’t hear you’ to the President so he could have deliver that line…” would Matthews have gobbled that sick theory up and run with it? I think he might have. And I think the left has become so mad with hate that should the rubble-and-bullhorn moment happen NOW – those are precisely the sort of crazed, paranoid projections (yes, it’s ALL projection, it’s all the Dems neurotically showing us what THEY would do) we’d hear on “Hardball.” Very sad.

Chris Matthews and Boy Reagan deserve each other, and Ron Silver deserves his own freaking show, because he’s too smart to be on that panel.

Quick thoughts on Condi Rice: I saw a few pictures of her on Drudge and good Lord, she looked elegant and classy and just really fit and smart and wonderful. While driving I heard someone call into a radio show and sneer “If Condi Rice is so smart how come she never got her teeth fixed, huh?”

Amazing. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone on the right comment on Hillary’s overbite, and they shouldn’t because that sort of stupidity shouldn’t matter. It DOESN’T matter, except to people who feed on malice.

I haven’t had a chance to read anything at all, yet, about Dr. Rice’s trip abroad, but my gut tells me this multi-lingual, extremely talented and capable woman is going to surprise Europe…I think they’re going to find themselves charmed in ways they haven’t anticipated. And, I think she’s gonna scare them a little, too. All good. :-)

Gotta scoot – I sure wish I could play here all day, today!

Quick UPDATE: Go back to Michelle Malkin and read her thoughts about the uprising of the Iraqis against local terrorists, and her musings about Matthews and The Boy. Splendid. Malkin may be little, but she is deadly! :-)

Sometimes-I-let-my-temper-get-the-best-of-me Update: Re-reading what I wrote, I regret writing that Boy Reagan is unphotogenic. As I said re Dr. Rice, that should not matter, but I plead genuine absence of malice and just plain laziness (which is just as bad for a writer) – I wasn’t trying to be bitchier than usual, I simply went for easy instead of thoughtful. My bad.

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