Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation

It’s funny, sometimes, how serendipitously (or providentially) things happen. This morning a friend emailed me a heads up on this book, Darknet, by J.D. Lasica.

This particular friend routinely credits me with being a lot smarter than I am, and he keeps talking to me about the future of technology and the hazards of government/corporate interference. I get most of what he says…mostly…for example, although he is talking here about the book, and using an example, I do comprehend (and concur with) what he is saying here about the interference of government/corporate interests keeping alternative therapies out of reach of most:

“[This book shows us that] the model is emerging again. The same model used by drug companies and the FDA…to restrict trade to only those entities within the embrace of the federal oligarchy. You know how it works – craft legislation that makes it illegal to say the word “cure”. It is against the law to say you can cure. Second, craft legislation that legally defines medical conditions as “diseases”. Third craft legislation so that – legally – only drugs are allowed to address “medical conditions”. We end up with a health delivery system wherein a physician’s only choices are to write a prescription for a drug, or to cut out part of your anatomy…”

In any case, I’d thought it was an interesting email and forwarded it to a few people who are smarter than me. There are a lot of people smarter than me, of course, but I only sent it to a few of them. And then, I book into Instapundit and see this:

IN THE MAIL: An advance copy of J.D. Lasica’s Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation. Looks pretty good, though I hope that Lasica’s dark view of the digital future is wrong.

I’ve give anything to get free books in the mail, but that’s beside the point. If my friend and the Blog-father both think the book is important, then it probably is…and I shall dutifully make room for it on my Bookshelf (Goodbye, Jane Austin!) and remind you once more that if you buy your copy through here, the hospice that helped us so wonderfully with my brother will reap the benefits.

As to the whole subject of government intrusion into the free-wheeling enterprise of the internet…of course we’re going to see it. I’m sure someone, somewhere, is already drafting legislation to require bloggers to be licensed by the FCC or something. It’s the way of things, and it’s something that will need monitoring, even a techno-complete-idiot like me understands that.

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