Don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out.

These poor dears can’t bear to live in a country where we have liberated tens of millions of people, made a serious dent in the threat of international terrorism, etc, etc…(heck, even Europe is coming around…) They just can’t get over the November elections, and they just can’t bear to pay taxes in this country anymore..

So they’re going to move to a country where they get to pay a great deal more in taxes and, if they are lucky, they will be able to buy supplemental insurance at phenomenally high rates, so that if they should become ill, they can come back to America and have more immediate, arguably better treatment.

And how fortunate that these folks have grown comfortable enough while living in horrid America that they can afford to make these moves? I wonder how many of them will sell their homes at obscene profits, and then shake their head at American materialism and sneer at Bush’s “ownership society” while they prance away with their purses full?

Cowards. Stay and fight. like my friend, Joe Marshall!

Or, screw it – don’t stay and fight; you probably can’t manage much beyond “Bush sucks and you guys do too!”

Yawn. Go, then. Go!

People, how can we miss you, if you won’t go, already?

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