Bloggers v The Press. Which ones are the investigators?

Bloggers can work their hearts out on a story, as so many of them have on the Eason Jordan near-treasonous statement, and unless the press is absolutely FORCED to report it, the story will die on the vine.

Kinda like how Monica Lewinsky was being completely set up to be a stalking lunatic and a liar…until the blue dress turned up.

So, it seems that all of the stunning work being done by Captain Ed and Hugh Hewitt and LaShawn Barber and Roger Simon and so many others will be for little-to-nothing…unless this tape turns up…and I would bet that the thing is roasting merrily on a fire, or sinking into an ocean, even as you read this.

Dirty Harry sums it up best, and bitterly.

Sadly, the press is still the press, an enormous and powerful entity. Until they absolutely cannot avoid reporting on this issue, they will not. Instead, they’ll write stupid, completely idiotic pieces like the one by Elisabeth Bumiller, which I posted about below.

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