More Evangelical than Catholic?

I’m sitting here highly amused to discover that voting is currently going on for Catholic Blog Awards. (Hattip: Nathan at Fides, Spes, Caritas, a neat site.

Outside of Mystery Achievement I didn’t even know there were Catholic blogs! I mean, I assumed there were, but I had no idea they were so organized! I clearly need to get out more!

Anyway, this links to a lot of (what look to be) excellent Catholic blog sites. I only recognise two of them, myself, then again I’ve been hanging out with the Evangelicals so much that this blog was (very generously) nominated for an Evangelical Blog Award for Political Commentary.

But all of this reminds me of a wonderful homily I heard this weekend by our youngest parish priest. He was talking about the day’s reading (“You are the salt of the earth…So let your so shine before men…”).

He was trying to make the point that each of us carries within us the spark of the Divine (our Light – His Light), and that we are all gifted in specific ways, and that if we look to see what are the things that we love to do, the things we love to do with such a passion that when doing them we enter into the Eternal and lose all track of time, then we will find the thing we are MEANT to do, and can begin to become more fully who we are meant to be – so that our Light “so shines before men” for God’s further glory. To start off this homily, he began with a story that I like very much:

There was a flock of sheep abiding in a field, and a hungry Lion appeared at the edges, determined to have dinner. The sheep began to bay, but there was another, odd sound. The Lion looked and saw that in the middle of the baying, frightened sheep there stood a large male lion, shuddering and howling in fear.

The Lion pushed through the quivering lambs and said to the other, “What are you doing?”

The other lion said, “I’m howling!”

The lion said…”why are you howling?”

The lion who thought he was a lamb said, “because I am afraid.”

The first lion, puzzled, asked “What are you afraid of?”

The lion who thought he was a lamb said, “I’m afraid of you, because you’re going to try to kill me and eat me.”

The first lion, a bit confounded asked, “why in heaven’s name would I want to kill and eat you?”

The lion who thought he was a lamb said, “why, because I am a lamb, and lions eat lambs.”

The first lion was amused. “What do you mean you’re a lamb, who told you that? How do you know?”

The lion who thought he was a lamb said, “well, because I have lived all my life, here, been raised with my brother and sister sheep. I am a lamb.”

The first lion cocked his head away from the herd and said, “come here, I wanna show you something.”

They walked over a hill, to a clear pond. “Here, look down,” the first lion said, “and tell me what you see.”

The lion who thought he was a lamb looked down and saw a lion.

“I see a lion.” He said, puzzled.

“You see yourself, as God made you.” The first lion said.

And from that day on, the lion who thought he was a lamb understood that he was a lion, and lived a lion’s life.

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