Blogging will be lightening up…

I had already decided that for Lent I would cut back on blogging time, but now I am in the process of shopping around a book idea, and doing some editing, and the time necessary to do that well will also require some discipline on my part, with regards to time spent blogging/writing for fun.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m not the most disciplined of girls when it comes to writing/blogging. I start banging out an idea or two, and then look up, thinking I’ve wasted half an hour, only to find I’ve wasted half a day.

Then, rather than just signing off, I go look at someone else’s blog, see something they’ve written, start writing a comment, and before I know it, the comment has turned into an issue that has gotten my Irish up and I’ve come back here and written a long, silly essay…and my work is still not done.


Today is Fat Tuesday, so I’m going to indulge myself for a few hours more. Then I have GOT to be good.

Pray for me! :-)

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