Google News doesn’t include blogs as news sources…

Somehow I missed it, but apparently both The Mighty Malkin and Charles at LGF asked to be included as news sources at Google, and they were turned down.

Now, Greg at What Attitude Problem informs us that Wuzzadem has been similarly, if less politely, rejected:

Thank you for your note. We have reviewed but cannot include it in Google News at this time. We do not include news-related blogs, other news-related sites that are written and maintained by a single individual, sites that do not have a formal editorial review process, and we sure as hell don’t include sites that, frankly, just suck.

I admit, Greg got me – I had to ask if that was for real. I plead a life-long gullibility and the recognition that the left and some members of the press have gotten so nuts that it didn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility that someone would write such a thing. :-)

But go read the rest – it’s funnneeeee.

I can’t imagine why Wonkette and Democratic Underground would be allowed as Google News Sources, but these blogs, breaking stories about Rathergate, Easongate and more are not permitted. But then, so little that is leftward makes sense these days.

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