Some good and useful Lenten Blogging

Rebecca from Doxology was kind enough to give me a heads up about this week’s Catholic Carnival, the focus of which is LENT. Good and timely reading for Catholic and Lent-curious or Lent-inclined Protestants. A few that stood out immediately for me:

Herbely’s The prophet Joel Explains Why We Need All Ten Commandments.

Happy Catholic is looking forward to going into the desert.

Jay at Living Catholicism ponders the daily taking up of the cross.

DeoOmnisGloria wonders if you will suffer for God (which seems to be a theme of sorts, for this blog, today).

Rebecca herself chimes in with Not having in a must-have world. Good stuff.

The Lenten Labyrinth by Leo from Notes. If you’ve ever prayerfully walked a labyrinth, you can appreciate this. It’s pretty neat.

There is a lot more there, if you’re feeling Lent-y or trying to get yourself into a more receptive frame of mind. Of course, if you ask the Holy Spirit to help you get there…well, you know! :-) Happy reading!

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